Sweet Morning Texts

What’s the best thing to wake up to? Seeing the person you love laying next to you. If you didn’t get a chance to say, “Good morning” to your love or just want to remind them how much you love them, here are a few good morning texts to send them:

I am so glad you stepped out of my dreams and into my life.

Your smile brightens my day every morning. Make your day wonderful, as you’ve made mine. I love waking up next to an angel.

Can’t wait to dream with you again tonight.

I wish you were still in my arms.

I want to wake up with you by my side forever.

I know you are just in the shower – but I miss you already.

As you are reading this message, I am in the kitchen preparing your breakfast. I know I am going to have a great day because I woke up next to you.

I miss the smell of your hair. It is cold outside but you make me feel warm and mushy inside. Since we missed breakfast together, let me take you to lunch today.

You are sweeter than my caramel macchiatto this morning. I can’t put any more sugar in my coffee – you already overdosed me on sweetness.

I love waking up with my best friend. It’s going to be a hectic day today but first, I wanted to remind you I love you. Why can’t I stop smiling when I think of you? I am so thankful for your love every day.

Good morning. Open your door. Thanks for being there for me every morning. It’s cloudy out – thanks for being my sunshine.

Thank you for loving me as much as I love you. Today I am grateful for coffee…and you. Seasons change but I’m so glad you’re still by my side. Since it’s so cold out, let’s cuddle again tonight.

I need you as much as I need this shot of espresso. I am as addicted to you as I am to this bacon.

Thank for being a shoulder to lean on and a neck to smell in my time of need. I’ve been waiting for you all my life – thanks for finally showing up.

I am so proud to have a super woman/man like you in my life. I love hearing your laugh in the morning. I

have a lot on my to-do list today including telling you I love you.

Was I in your dream last night because you were mine?

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6 Dating tips for women to make that first date a success

You have always dreamed of being in love and having the man of your dreams. Finally, a man crosses your path maybe in your workplace, bus stop or any other place and after a little chat you both realize there could be more. At last you’ve landed a date! How do you make sure that you leave a lasting impression on that first date, as we all know, the first impression will determine whether you get a second or third date. That said, here are a few dating tips to make that first date a success.

Speak Up

It’s always good to be yourself, whether you are meeting a friend or a stranger. Speaking up helps you remain true to yourself and will let the man know you are no pushover. Maybe you don’t drink and he wanted to meet you in a cocktail lounge, or he wants to take you in a restaurant that doesn’t serve your kind of meals. If you afraid you are going to
be short of conversation topics, you can have a ideas from this awesome article on barenakedlife.com.

Dress for comfort

First dates are always filled with anxiety and so wear whatever helps you look your best. It’s not advisable to wear a dress that is too tight that you have problems breathing, or those 6-inch stilettos that make it hard to go on a walk. Instead, only wear something that will help you feel relaxed, calm and collected.

Keep time.

It may be fashionable to be late on a date but you will most likely create a better impression if you can be on time. You wouldn’t want either to be put in that situation where you are looking at every face appearing on the entrance, only to discover it’s not the one. It won’t hurt waking up early to do your hair if it’s the one that takes much of your time right?

DON’T be fixated with your appearance.

All the effort about your appearance should be put before meeting your date. Breaking the conversation to dash to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick or check the mirror every few minutes will greatly annoy him, and that is the last thing you want to happen on a first date! That time should be utilized engaging him in a solid conversation instead of worrying about your looks.

First date activities

Although going to a show or a movie can be pleasurable and fun, these are not suitable activities for a first date. Hanging out with a person on a first date ought to be about getting to know that man better. Most of these activities don’t allow for much talking and this won’t allow you to learn about him more deeply other than the type of popcorns he loves.

Put your phone away

During a date, you want to show the other person that you are interested in them and value their time. Doing this makes your date feel special and settled which removes that anxiety associated with a first date. Ignore the urge to call or text your friends to inform them of how the date is going on. Even if you feel like there is no chemistry between you, it’s always good to be courteous to be attentive for the duration. With that, dating should be fun and not nerve-wrecking.


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