First Date Tips

Hey Ladies – we all now how awful dating can be. The first date alone can be incredibly awkward and leave you want to vanish into thin air. I got tired of wasting my time, so I came up with these 6 tips to help us all find our Prince Charming.

Be Yourself

I know what you’re thinking – this is so overrated, but let me explain. It all starts with your clothes. Don’t wear high heels if you can’t wear them for more than 30 minutes. If you’re not feeling sexy in your outfit, change it. I tend to go with the same pieces for a first date because I feel good in them and that is more important than what I think my date wants to see me in. Other than what you’re wearing, your thoughts are important too. Don’t be afraid to call him out on something you think he’s lying about and that corny joke you want to use, he’ll probably think it’s funny too.
If you are afraid that you are going to have a long silence in the first date, because in your nature your not much of a talker, you can always prepare beforehand a list of topics to talk about.

Think Beyond Bars

Beer and Tequilas are usually never a good idea. Imagine what your parents will think when you tell them that you met their son-in-law at the bar. Probably not enthusiastic. Think about it, guys want to get drunk with their buddies at the bar and if they get to go home with a girl, it’s just an added bonus and you should never just be someone’s added bonus. So, stop hitting the bars every weekend thinking that Mr. Right will be there because he probably won’t.

Let Your Friends Choose

They know you best, so why not give it a shot? Your friends obviously want to see you happy. As much as they want to eat ice cream too, doing it after every guy isn’t fun times any more. Ask them if there is anyone new that they have met recently that they think that you can click with. Nine times out of ten, they have already had someone in the back of their mind. You have nothing to lose and these are the people that you trust the most – just give it a try.

Don’t Obsess Over Flaws

This means everything – that pimple that you can feel forming, how you cant afford to pay for this expensive dinner, is it okay that you haven’t been to church in years – just stop. If you don’t bring attention to anything, he won’t notice. Guys are super oblivious as is, so don’t even mention it and you’ll be okay. Don’t touch that pimple, casually ask, “Are you sure?” when he pulls out his wallet, and don’t ask him if he’s close to God. It is really that simple and will make you seem much more confident.

Be Nice

But if you’re not feeling him by the end of the night, tell him. Don’t string him along and go on another date thinking that you will eventually start to like him. If it is real love, then there will be an instant connection. Don’t try to force any emotions because it will just come back to hit you in the face. Think about how many times you had to have the talk with a guy and how shitty you felt afterwards. Yeah, so just don’t even do it to begin with.

Whose Place?

No ones. Do not hook up with them on the first date. He will respect you one hundred times more if you respect yourself. Make sure that he is worth it and that he deserves it. Then you won’t feel bad about it if it doesn’t work out.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way into a beautiful relationship!