How to make a guy like you

Let’s be honest – getting a guy to like you isn’t always the easiest of tasks. It might be because you’re too shy, or his friends are intimidating, or just that you honestly don’t know how to go about it. Whatever the case, these five tips are here to help you sweep the boy of your dreams off his feet!


It’s a huge deal being interested in his hobbies. A guy will tell you how he loves to hang out on the footy field, or play Halo, or make music with his friends. If you do those things too, then by all means tell him! If not, stick to a casual “That’s really cool, I’d love to try it with you sometime!” – guarantee he will be impressed. Having an interest in his interests is key!


Okay, so we all know how terrifying it is to meet your boy’s friends, but getting along with the lads is a sure-fire way to get into the good books! Boys love a girl they can hang out with and be ‘chill’ around, so be sure to have a laugh with the guys on occasion and make a genuine effort to appreciate the different parts of your guy’s life! He will appreciate your effort and like you way more if he knows the boys approve of you.


Not only do boys love a girl with a pretty smile, it’s a big indicator of confidence! Arriving to a date with an eager smile gives the vibe that you’re there to have a good time and you are one hundred percent ready – there’s nothing a guy will find more attractive than that!


This follows fabulously from step three – stay calm! It’s so important to be confident with yourself. This is not as important as the final step, but is absolutely crucial. Stay. Calm. There is nothing worse than being a trembling mess when you see your future BF. Be confident, happy, and follow step two and you’ll be the most calm and collected girl around! And don’t forget to stay calm when you’re apart, too – no one wants to wake up to seven “Hey, wanna hang out today?” or “Where are you?” messages, so it’s important to be that little bit more reserved.


So you hear this time and time again, but there is nothing more true than tip number five. It’s important that when you’re first flirting with a guy, you don’t become somebody you’re not. This important for two reasons: giving the guy the wrong impression of who you are could be a complete disaster, and losing yourself in your lies could be even worse (you might even forget the girl you really are). Being yourself means the guy will learn to like the REAL you, and there is nothing more important than that!

There you have it ladies: how to make a guy like you! Follow these steps and you are well on your way to making the guy of your dreams fall head over heels in love with you. Remember: Take an interest, smile, befriend his friends, stay calm and BE YOURSELF!

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